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Current Issue: Special Coast City Comicon Issue (see right)

     Puck vs Nest Lee in a battle to end water privitization. Another member

     of the team stumbles upon a very special snowflake and transforms

     into a more powerful being, but how will he use his powers? 


 Released at the Coast City Comicon in Portland, Maine in November 2013

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History of SILK CHAINS

        In 2003 SILK CHAINS was created as an open source zine/comic book adventure that was           addressing politically charged scenarios around the planet. The comic was invented by a           group of unknown activists in the midwest. Many of the first few issues have been lost                 through time and different artists and authors have credit content since its inception.                   Occupy Wall Street helped reignite energy into the zine and a handful of artists began                 working on new issues. The Hidden Ladder Collective was asked to take over the title

        and William Hessian became the primary artist for the zine from 2011- ongoing. SILK                   CHAINS is traditionally short printed and free to copy without permission.   

Other issues by William Hessian:

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